How to Change Application Icons on iPhone?

On iPad and iPhone receiving IOS 14 update with the new IOS 14 update changing app icons got its feature.

iOS 14 Allows you to change the default browser and default email apps as well as app icons on the home screen. Thanks to the “Shortcuts” application in iOS 14, you can change the icon of the application you want with another icon or a photo.

How to Change Application Icons on iPhone?

Step # 1: Shortcuts Open the app.

Shortcuts; On your iPhone and iPad devices that came with iOS 14 your favorite transactions and mobile applications It is a feature that makes it easier to reach. The application needs to be installed on the device with the update, but if you cannot find it, you can download it from the AppStore link below.

Step # 2: In the upper right corner. + Tap the button.

To create a new shortcut, tap the + button in the upper right corner.

Step # 3: Add Transaction Tap the button.

Step # 4: Open Application Add shortcut.

When you tap the Add Transaction button, you will see your favorite mobile apps, frequent actions and recommendations will be released. To change the icon for a particular app, type Open App in the search bar and search. You will see the Open Application process in the search results. Add by tapping.

Step # 5: Open Application next to the post Select Tap the button.

In front of you installed on your device all mobile applications will be released.

Step # 6: Select the application you want to open with a shortcut.

Step # 7: Then in the upper right corner. three points Tap the button.

Step # 8: Give the shortcut a name.

You can give a name to the shortcut on the customization settings screen.

Step # 9: Add to Home Screen Tap the button.

Step # 10: Tap the blue-framed shortcut icon.

Step # 11: Choose an image from your archive or take a photo.

Step # 12: Type in a name that will appear on the home screen.

Step # 13: Add Tap the button.

Step # 14: Done Tap the button.

iPhone application icon change that’s it.

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