How to Merge Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming Accounts?

How to Merge Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming Accounts?

In this article, next to Amazon Prime membership with Twitch How to merge Amazon Prime Gaming accounts We will explain the answer to the question in detail.

Amazon Prime literally start operations after the Amazon Prime’s a lot of advantages also it began creating search topics on the internet in Turkey.

Amazon Prime membership when you buy;

  • Access to tons of free games and items every month with Amazon Prime Gaming.
  • Any broadcaster per month on Twitch. at no additional cost subscription.
  • Watch all broadcasts on the Amazon Prime Video digital streaming platform at no additional cost.
  • Prime-label products in Turkey in the Amazon shopping website fast, free shipping possibility and extra discounts, advantages.
  • Amazon special deals to Turkey from other users in the shopping website allows you to access 30 minutes before ..

Amazon Prime, with a monthly fee of 7.90 lira, is offered to members for free in the first month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. All information about Amazon Prime You can find it in our article here.

When you purchase Amazon Prime membership, you automatically become a member of Amazon’s game platform, Amazon Prime Gaming account.

Amazon Prime Gaming With it, you can not only get discounted or free game items, but also get a free subscription to Twitch channels. With Amazon Prime Gaming, you can subscribe to any Twitch streamer you want monthly at no additional cost.

Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming merge

For you How to merge Twitch accounts with Amazon Prime Gaming We answered the question and explained the details you need to know.

  • Step # 1: From here Open the Amazon Prime Gaming website.
  • Step # 2: Sign in with your Amazon Prime account information.
  • Step # 3: Click the Activate Prime Gaming button.
  • Step # 4: Click the Connect Twitch Account button, which you will see on the left.
  • Step # 5: Sign in with your Twitch account information.
  • Step # 6: Confirm the resulting account linking screen.

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