How to Delete Membership from Owner?

Turkey’s most popular e-commerce platform I to delete your membership Delete account from owner You can find the steps in our article.

When you close your account from;

  • Your membership cannot be reactivated.
  • All of your live ads will be unpublished.
  • If you have an advertisement that you are using doping, no fee will be refunded.
  • You can move your phone number approved from your pocket to another subscription.
  • You cannot use your e-mail address in a new membership.

If you accept these items, we can proceed with the account deletion steps from the Owner.

Deleting an Account From Owner

By logging into your account from the owner, click on your username and click “Membership”Section.

delete account from owner 1 How to Delete Membership From Owner

Weld “UnsubscribeClick “and on the screen that opens, click”I want to cancel my membershipAfter clicking “, Close account from the owner You can close your account by choosing your reason.

delete account from owner 2 How to Delete Membership from Owner

It’s easy to delete membership from the owner.

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