How to turn off Windows 10 Screen Saver?

You can follow the procedures in our article to turn the Windows 10 screen saver on and off.

On Windows 10 operating systems, you can follow the illustrated explanation below to turn screen saver on or off. If you are using a device connected to your corporate or corporate account, your screen saver settings may be passive.. For security reasons, the screen saver may be limited for a certain period of time. To turn off the screen saver on your personal computer;

Turn Windows 10 Screen Saver on and off

Go to Settings> Personalization> Lock screen and go to Screensaver settingsSelect. Select a screen saver from the drop-down list in the Screen Saver Settings window.

turning off windows 10 screen saver 1 How to turn off Windows 10 Screen Saver

Select the screen saver option “NoYou can turn it off by checking ”. If you wish, you can extend or shorten the waiting time.

turning off windows 10 screensaver 2 How to turn off Windows 10 Screen Saver

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