How To Fix A Computer That Starts Slowly?

How to fix a computer that starts slowly?

In this article, we will find answers on how to fix a slow starting computer.

Why Does It Take So Long To Start The Computer?

Your boot drive is getting a little full and not running at peak performance. You have too many programs trying to start alongside Windows or your hardware is a bit outdated. It is difficult to know which is which, to see what is causing the problem, until you start implementing the solutions.

How to Speed ​​Up Computer Boot?

  1. Disable unnecessary startup programs:
    One of the main reasons your computer takes a while to start up is because of all the apps it’s trying to load right away. Most of these are probably unnecessary, so edit the Windows 10 startup options and disable the ones you don’t really need.
  2. Scan for malware: When your computer starts up, malware is likely to consume system resources. Make sure you regularly scan for malware. You can scan it with adwcleaner.
  3. Free some space on your boot drive:
    If your boot drive or C drive gets close to full, it will significantly affect performance. Make sure to free up space as your Windows PC runs low. About detecting and deleting your junk files ccleaner You can get support from the program.
  4. Change your BIOS: There are some BIOS settings like Fast Boot that you can enable to improve startup speed. Also disable startup logos which will hinder startup performance a bit.
  5. Reinstall Windows:
    If none of the above work, you will need to either go back to a Windows system restore point or reinstall Windows completely. Both will likely fix any startup issues you have.
  6. Upgrade SSD/memory:
    Still using a hard drive as your main boot drive. Trying to run a modern Windows 10 or 11 PC with 8GB of memory or less will cause the computer to run slowly. Changing your boot drive to an SSD and upgrading the RAM can have a dramatic effect on boot speed.
    SSD disks have higher read and write speeds than mechanical disks. Your old computers will also increase the execution and response time of applications.
    The larger the RAM size, the higher your processor’s processing capability would be. Since Windows 10 and Windows 11 contain functionally more applications than other operating systems, these 2 hardware will definitely need to be upgraded.

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