How to Update Windows 10?

How to update Windows 10 How to remove installed Windows 10 updates? How to turn off Windows10 updates?

Windows 10 gives you the ability to choose when and how to get the latest updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely.

Windows 10 Update

Step 1 – In the start menu or search bar,SettingsOpen the ”app.

Step 2 – Settings In the application “Update and SecurityOpen the ”menu.

windows 10 update 2 How to Update Windows 10?

Step 3 – From the bar on the left,Windows Update”Section.

windows 10 update 3 How to Update Windows 10?

Step 4 –Check for updates”Button.

windows 10 update 4 How to Update Windows 10?

If there are any updates installed, you can install it at this step and you’re done.

After checking for updates, if there are any updates or updates that have not been installed, you can simply install the updates by clicking the “install now” button that will appear next to them.

How to remove Windows 10 updates?

Step 1 –SettingsOpen the ”app. “Update and SecurityOpen the ”menu.

Step 2 –View update historyClick ”.

windows 10 update 6 How to Update Windows 10?

Step 3 – “Uninstall updatesClick. Select the update you want from the drop-down menu and select “remove”Button. The process is ok.

windows 10 update 7 How to Update Windows 10?

How to turn off Windows 10 updates?

Turn off the Windows 10 automatic update process for;

Step 1- Windows Key + R with key combination “runOpen the window and click the “Services.msc” in summer.

windows 10 update 8 How to Update Windows 10?

Step 2–ServicesIn the section “Windows Update”Option.

windows 10 update 9 How to Update Windows 10?

Step 3- Windows UpdateClick the right mouse button.

Step 4-stopAfter you click “,”Windows UpdateClick “again” with the right mouse button.

Step 5- Here “SpecificationsClick “and on the screen that appears”Startup typeThe setting opposite to “Out of orderTo ”

Step 6-OK”, Exit all screens.

windows 10 update 10 How to Update Windows 10?

You can also close Windows 10 Update by editing directly through the services. Let’s proceed to the processes you will do for this.

  • Type and enter services in the Settings section.
  • You will be able to view running services through the services page.
  • Here “Windows UpdateYou need to find the option. Enter this option by double-clicking it, and then type the start type “Out of order” Select. Updates will no longer be checked automatically.

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