How to Use Xiaomi VLOG Mode?

How to use xiaomi vlog mode?

In this article, it is found on Xiaomi devices. VLOG modu what, Xiaomi VLOG modu We will explain in detail how to use it.

Video blog abbreviation for the VLogIt is a blog or journaling event with a video recording method within a certain period of time and often depending on a certain subject. In a sense, vlog can be expressed as the reflection of one’s daily life by shooting a video, not by writing.

The most used type of VLog is to create videos on a certain topic every day by going in front of the phone or webcam.

Is it possible to shoot a VLOG over the phone?

vlogging You do not need to buy a separate camera equipment for this. You can easily create VLog with your phone.

Even in some phone brands VLog modu They have added a feature that allows you to create great short videos that you can share on social media platforms.

Which phones have VLOG mode?

VLog mode is currently only available on Xiaomi devices.

How to Use Xiaomi VLOG Mode?

How to use Xiaomi VLOG mode?

Before you can use VLOG mode, you must first MIUI 12.5 or MIUI 13 You need to have the version of VLOG and turn on the VLOG mode in the device.

  • By opening the Xiaomi camera Other Tap .
  • Here VLOGYou will see .

After selecting some effects such as Cool, AgedFilms and Moments available here, just click the video record button.

Last Updated: January 1, 2022

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