How to View LoL Match History

How to view lol match history

LoL match historyBy looking at what (LOL game replays) you can download and watch all the matches you have played so far as you wish.

League of Legends match historyyou can record the game while you are playing, and after the game is over, you can watch the game as you wish and download it if you want.

How to view LoL match history?

  1. Click here Login to your League of Legends account
  2. Tap on your profile avatar to reach the screen with match history options.
  3. On your profile screen, you will initially come to the overview tab. This will give you a brief summary of the various data types. Including the champions you play the most.
  4. You will see four small icons just below your profile avatar. Each of these represents a piece of information associated with a number. If you’re not sure what these are, you can tap on them and the game will tell you. The leftmost icon is how many champions you have, then the views, then how many matches you’ve played, and finally the last icon is your profile age in days.
  5. Tap the match history tab to see a summary of your different match results.

How to View LoL Match History

As soon as you tap on the match history tab, you can see all your matches in one long list in a short overview.

LOL Match replays on computer Users>Documents>League of Legends>Replays is in the section.

LOL match history time is determined by the patch cycle. Match history is deleted when a new patch is released.

To view LOL match history:

  • OP.GG
  • U.GG
  • Blitz.GG
  • You can also use sites like

For those wondering how many hours I played LoL in total LOL gameplay timeWhat can they look at?

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