How to Delete Signal Account?

How to delete signal account?

How to delete Signal account step by step in our article Signal permanent account closure We describe the operations.

Signal is one of the fastest and most secure messaging apps on the market. All your messages and calls with other users are secured with end-to-end encryption.

However, if you find the Signal app and its features very simple and prefer more popular messaging apps, you can permanently close your Signal account in just a few steps.

How to delete Signal account?

Signal accountopposite silwhen you say; All data associated with it is also deleted. These include all chat messages, media, contacts and associated data.

Even if you sign up again with the same phone number after deleting your Signal account, the deleted information will not be restored and you will see an empty Signal account.

Therefore, if you have sensitive data in Signal, we recommend exporting it before starting the deletion process.

  • Open the Signal application, located in the upper right corner. three points Tap the icon.
  • Tap on Settings and then Account.
  • found here Delete the account Confirm by tapping the button.

Signal will start the account deletion process in the background and when this process is finished, the Signal application will close itself.

Now that you know how to delete your account on Signal, you can deregister your phone number through the app.

How to delete Signal account Our article is over. You can visit us regularly for our daily posts and updates for more tips, tricks and tutorials.

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