Hp deskjet 4120 printer setup

Hp Deskjet 4120 Printer Setup

In this article, we explain the installation and technical features of the HP Deskjet 4120 printer that appeals to home users.

With its Deskjet models, HP develops models to meet the needs of home users at affordable prices. Compared to other Deskjet models, Deskjet 4120 model, which is more equipped, has Wi-Fi feature. In this way, mobile devices Hp Smart You can easily print from the application.

The HP Deskjet 4120 printer, which has print, copy and scan features, also has a mobile faxing feature. In addition, the printing speed is approximately 8 minutes per minute, which satisfies home users. You can get results by manually turning it for double-sided printing.

Printer Features

The HP 4120 printer, which consumes about 0.1W of electricity when off, goes to sleep when not in use. Thus, it consumes only about 1W of electricity while in sleep mode. So you can leave the device on when not in use. It automatically switches to sleep mode and helps you save on energy consumption.

Thanks to the contact image sensor, you can perform fast scans. Weighing 4.82kg, the Deskjet 4120 printer can only scan from the front panel.

It offers print quality up to 1200×1200 DPI values. Thus, it offers superior quality and clarity in the printouts you receive. Although it is not considered very professional for photo printing, it meets the needs of printing with visual content.

You can use it from your mobile device or computer thanks to the Wi-Fi connection. If you wish, it can also be installed with a cable for a more stable connection.

HP Deskjet 4120 Printer Setup

Plugging in the printer’s power cord power keyPress and hold for 5 seconds. You begin to hear cartridge sounds from the printer. This is due to the alignment of the print head and the movement of the general control cartridges. The Wi-Fi light should be flashing on the panel of the article. By default, this lights up when the device is turned on. However, if the Wi-Fi light does not turn on after waiting for a while, press the Wi-Fi button.

on your computer Hp Smart app Microsofot Store download from store. Also, download the driver for your printer from the HP page. Don’t forget to check for updates on your computer before starting the installation. The fact that NetFramework and similar updates are not installed may cause the commands given to the printer not to be detected. Start the installation of the driver you downloaded. Proceed by choosing the wired and wireless option according to your connection. The HP Deskjet 4120 printer setup is completed when the setup screen is complete.

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