Kirin 9000 and A14 Bionic Processor Performance Test Comparison

Hello precious TeknoDestek followers !! Today is the subject of the biggest discussion of recent times for youHuawei‘nin Kirin 9000 is the processor chipset better or Apple‘in A14 Bionic Is the chipseti better? We will answer your problem.

Huawei‘nin October 22With its launch in Mate 40 new chipsets of the family Kirin 9000 looks extremely assertive. on the other hand Apple with the latest architecture in its new devices introduced in its new effect, A14 Bionic used the processor named. The only detail we are curious about is, which of these processors is more powerful? In our previous article A14 Bionic and Snapdragon 865+ we made a comparison. To access this article here you can click.

In this comparison article, 8-core HiSilicon Kirin 9000‘i (Mali-G78 MP24) & 6-core Apple A14 Bionic (Apple GPU) SoC We compared with.

Here are the pros and cons, technical features and AnTuTu and Geekbench You will find extensive tests in benchmarks such as.

a) CPU (processor) performance, game performance, battery usage and overall CPU chipset score. A14 Bionic looks by far ahead.

b) Geekbench in single core testing and multi-core testing and Antutu Benchmark v8 Search by the open test A14 Bionic looks superior.

These are the net figures now. Huawei Mate 40 family became one of the rare series that was opened by users very quickly after its launch. Apparently, Huawei P40 Proas in Mate 40 He could not find what he hoped in his family, on the processor side. Especially the processor 5nm The production process was very excited for us, but this detail doesn’t seem to have worked very well. We would expect both devices competing in this segment to score higher. Especially the young company Huaweimade sales to very radical figures in our country on the price side of the business and P40 He stood out with only his camera in his family. Users now focus on the invisible part of the work rather than the visible part. Such details also impress the user and push them to different brand ranges. And yet Google The lack of support, and these results in performance tests do not seem to be a good sign.

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