How to Set Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings

For those of you who care about personal safety in this article, we will explain in detail how best to configure Facebook privacy settings.

You can edit who can see your information on your Facebook account from the Privacy Settings section in 2021.

What are Facebook Privacy Settings?

Facebook’s Privacy Settings let you determine who can see the types of information you post or share on Facebook.

How to make the best Facebook Privacy Settings?

 Here you can change all basic privacy settings.

  • First, let’s start with who can see your shares. Click on “Edit” on the right side of the option “Who can see your future posts?” If you choose this setting “Anyone Open”, anyone can see if your shares are on your friend’s list. Similarly, you can do it on the mobile version.Who can see your facebook shares
  • The best option is to set it as “Friends”. So you can make sure that people who are not in your friend’s list do not see what you share. Depending on the importance of your sharing, you can also set this setting to “Specific friends, Friends except These, Only me and Private”.

The three main options are:

Friends – Only people you are friends with can see the message. If you publish photos of your children or information that you consider personal, here is what you need to select.
Public- Everyone can see it, whether they are friends or not. If you want to be part of a public discussion to be seen by friends and in research; like on Twitter, select it.
Only You – Maybe if you use Facebook as a repository for personal memories or a blog, you can select Only You to make sure the account holder are the only ones who see it.

Here you can also select Custom to add Friends of Friends to the list of people who can see the message. You also have the option of posting only for the eyes of the different groups you belong to.

How People Find and Contact You on Facebook

Account Settings -> Privacy> Who can see me and who can contact me

The next option allows you to keep an eye on how people find and contact you. when you want to customize who can search for you, who can send you a message or see your list of friends. Here you can choose whether you want or no:

Your Personal Account Security on FB

A very cool feature that Facebook allows is to receive notifications whenever it detects an unusual activity. This means that if your Facebook account is set to be used from your home office and you decide to sign into your account from a laptop or personal desktop, Facebook will send you a notification that your account has been accessed. from a device. outside of your usual device by enabling Get alerts about unrecognized logins.

This can be useful if you know you have not accessed your account from anywhere and if someone tries to log in from their computer, you will be notified. You can determine the location from which your most recent account activity took place, and you can enable this feature by doing the following:

Account Settings -> Security and Login

Get alerts about unrecognized logins on FB

How to Set Timeline and Tagging Privacy Settings on Facebook

To make matters worse, your friend could go ahead and tag you on any downloaded images and now these images can be viewed by each friend on your profile! However, that is something you can control.

  • First, log in to your FB account.
  • Then go to Timeline and Tagging Settings via this link. Links for desktop mode and for Mobile version
  • let’s start with Who can post on your timeline? Click on “Edit” on the right side of the option. Then select as your wish. Also similarly do it with other option. Set Timeline and Tagging Privacy Settings on Facebook 
  • The next option allows you to keep an eye on all your shares and what you’ve been tagged on. Here you can choose whether you want your tagged shares to appear in your timeline.
  • The lower option allows you to change the privacy settings of your old shares. For example, you can change the shares you previously made as Open Everyone to Friends.
  • If you are tired of friendship requests from random strangers, who can send you friendship requests? You can change the option in the section to My friends instead of Anyone. Remember that once you choose this, people you know but do not have a common friend on Facebook will not be able to send you a friend request.
  • The next option is where you can edit who can see your friends list. Here Everyone has Open, Friends, Only Me, Private and Other options.

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