How to Auto Delete Facebook Friends List in Bulk

Auto Deleting the list of friends on Facebook one by one is an annoying event. In this article, we will describe the method of Facebook bulk friend deletion.

Deleting individual friends on Facebook is a very time-consuming process. In order to delete your friends under normal conditions, you need to enter your friends list and delete each back one by one by using the ” Remove from My Friends ” option.

Here is Facebook bulk friend deletion method to avoid dealing with them one by one

How to Delete Facebook Friends List in Bulk?

We will use the iMacros browser plugin for Facebook bulk friend deletion .

Attention! : We recommend that you do not delete more than 150 friends at a time. Facebook can detect the transaction as spam.

1 – First, download this add-on to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Download iMacros plugin for Google Chrome;

Download iMacros plugin for Mozilla Firefox;

2 – After installing the plugin, log in to your Facebook account and go to the “Friends List”.

3 – Here you remove your friend on the mobile Facebook screen by pressing the record button with the iMacros plugin in your browser.

Deleting Facebook bulk friends is that simple!

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