Telegram Secret chat on and off

Telegram secret chat on and off

How to turn Telegram Secret chat on and off? Will the messages come back after deactivating the secret chat feature?

With the developing technology, many applications have taken their place in our lives. In our daily life, we communicate almost using messaging applications in many areas such as work, school and so on, and we communicate through these applications. In this case, it can make users a little nervous. Nobody wants their personal messages or company information to be shared with third parties. At this point, telegram’s secret chat feature will come in handy.

We have mentioned many features that Telegram offers to us users. In this article, let’s learn about how we can use this feature.

Let’s examine how we can activate the secret chat feature;

Telegran secret chat Creating this feature will be a fairly easy step. For secret chat, let’s touch the name of the person you are talking to and scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens. Let’s touch the Start Secret Chat button at the bottom and after this step you will have started the secret chat.

Telegram Secret chat feature

Your messages, videos, photos, files and similar information on the secret chat will not be shared with third parties. You would receive a notification when the other party could not take a screenshot and wanted to take it.

As we have mentioned before, Telegram will transmit your messages over the server and will not record them, as it is not connected to the cloud system with this feature. I am using the Telegram secret chat feature and will be the users who say they want to disable this feature now

So, how can you cancel this feature, let’s examine this step;

In fact, we can say that canceling this feature on the application is as easy as creating it. Click on the menu that says Turn off the secret chat option in the application. After this process, you will see that you have exited the secret chat mode. After this process, you can continue conversations using the normal messaging feature.

Let’s add as an important note; Messages that were previously used in incognito mode do not come back.

The application software is very careful and reliable in this regard. You can start using the feature by following the steps above in your accounts. Telegram secret chat feature is very useful.

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