Customize your Rooted Android Phone with XThemes Engine Theme Collection

Customize your Rooted Android Phone with XThemes Engine Theme Collection

Who does not want to customize/theme his/her Android? Everyone wants it to be beautiful smartphone not only outside but also inside (in terms of software look).
So here the contributions of many devs i bring you a facility for almost all xthemes.

What is XTheme Engine?

XThemeEngine allows the theme of your device similar to the way T-Mobile / CM10 Theme Engine. Install the apk theme, activate the theme of XThemeEngine app. Here is! Forget MetaMorph. Forget flashing zips.

XThemeEngine is powered by rovo89 Xposed framework. You will be prompted to install if you do not have it.
*But before that you must have: Xposed framework & Xtheme engine module

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Xposed Framework from the Xposed Installer application.
  2. Install XThemeEngine link at the bottom of this post
  3. Activate the module in Xposed Installer app
  4. Download SampleTheme (or create your theme!) Activate by XThemeEngineApp
  5. Enjoy!

Which device was tested on XThemeEngine?

Galaxy Nexus (4.2 stock),   Galaxy Note 2 (JB Stock), Xperia V (JB Stock) Galaxy S3 (JB Stock).

Confirmed by XDA members working: Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia T,  Galaxy S Duos,Xperia TX, Lenovo A800,HP Touchpad 4.2.2, Ainol Novo Hero2, Cherry Mobile Flare / Karbonn A9 +, L9, SIII, Optimus  Advance I9070 Galaxy S, G Motorola RAZR HD,LG Motion 4G, Xperia Sola.
Does not work: HTC One Stock, HTC One X (L) stock.

It would also be limited depending on the chosen theme (similar to CM10 theme engine). Not report the device you are using if it works for you too.

Theoretically XThemeEngine should work with Android 4.0 and above. Only for ARM devices though. x86 devices are NotSupported. To learn more, read Xposed Framework FAQ.

Current limitations

  • Does not support ringtones / wallpapers
  • Running worn theme LunarUI II Xperia V rooted Stock
  • Avoid res / layout for now (although supported)
  • res / values ​​/ styles.xml is not supported and can never be…

XThemeEngine and themes can not be stored on the external storage or / mnt / asec

Who doesn’t want to customise his/her Android? Everyone wants there phone to look beautiful not from only outside but also from inside (in terms of software look).
So its Here from the contributions of many devs i bring an ease for you almost every xthemes.

But before that you must have installed:
xposed framework &
Xtheme engine moduleWhat is XThemeEngine?
XThemeEngine allows you to theme your device similar to how T-Mobile/CM10 Theme Engine. Install theme apk, activate theme from XThemeEngine app. Voila! Forget MetaMorph. Forget flashing zips.

XThemeEngine is powered by Xposed Framework by rovo89. You will be prompted to install if you haven’t.

Install Instructions

  1. Install Xposed Installer
  2. Install Xposed Framework (from the Xposed Installer app)
  3. Install XThemeEngine from the link at the bottom of this post
  4. Activate the module in Xposed Installer app
  5. Download SampleTheme (or create your theme!), activate through XThemeEngineApp
  6. Enjoy!

Which device has XThemeEngine been tested on?
Galaxy Nexus (4.2 stock), Xperia V (JB Stock), Galaxy S3 (JB Stock), Galaxy Note 2 (JB Stock).

Confirmed working by XDA members: Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia T, Xperia TX, Galaxy S Duos, Lenovo A800, Ainol Novo Hero2, HP Touchpad 4.2.2, Cherry Mobile Flare / Karbonn A9+, L9, SIII, Optimus G, Motorola RAZR HD, Galaxy S Advance I9070, Xperia Sola, LG Motion 4G

Does not work: HTC One X(L) Stock, HTC One Stock

Theoretically, XThemeEngine should work with Android 4.0 and above. Only for ARM devices though. x86 devices are NOTsupported. To learn more, read Xposed Framework FAQ.

This would further be limited depending on the theme selected (similar to CM10 theme engine). Do report the device you’re using if it works for you too.

Current Limitations

  • Does not support ringtones/wallpapers
  • Avoid res/layout at the moment (despite supported)
  • res/values/styles.xml is NOT supported and may never be
  • XThemeEngine and Themes cannot be stored on external storage or /mnt/asec

Running ported LunarUI II theme on Xperia V stock rooted
Running ported LunarUI II theme on Xperia V stock rooted - Customize your Rooted Android Phone with XThemes Engine Theme Collection
Running ported LunarUI II theme on Xperia V stock rooted1 - Customize your Rooted Android Phone with XThemes Engine Theme Collection

SampleTheme apk Download From: google drive  | Dropbox | GitHub

For More Themes please Read Below Topic Carefully
frame - Customize your Rooted Android Phone with XThemes Engine Theme Collection

  1. Download and install Xposed framework.
  2. Open Xposed installer, click “Install / Update”.
  3. Click “Modules” tab and select “XThemeEngine”.
  4. XThemeEngine click and select “Choose the theme pack.”
  5. Choose “Any themes” and “click to apply the theme.”
  6. soft reboot.
  7. Enjoy.


XTheme Themes World


Themes Original Threads



AlphaBlue, Mixer, SimpleX
HTC EleganceX 
Advanced Themes Thread
Simplex Blue
Cobalt Xthemes
Cobalt CyanOrangen
Lunar UI 2
Matte+ v1.0.0.1
Blue Lime
AOSP Touchwiz
Borderline-xhdpi AOSP
Gem Flat
Holo Sense
Mianogen 2.2.1
ReBorn Theme
Elegant Dusk
Circle Theme
Purple Kush
XHoloSense v1.3.2


Themes Lists

This discussion is for Themes I wore CyanogenMod. I will update regularly and all applications are accepted. Paid themes are not allowed to all. Enjoy themes for your XTheme Engine


Themes Download

MIUI V5 Concept
Touchwiz Galaxy S4
MIUI V5 Holo Blue
iOS 7
Android 4.4 KitKat
Mianogen Theme
Alloy Light Blue
Infinite Blue
Infinite Black
Flats Theme
>Here are 54 more themes
1. GunmetalCobalt
2. holo glass
3. FRV5
4. ElegantGreen
5. FlattenXtheme_signed
6. Crystal_2_xTheme
7. CottonCandyCobalt
8. CobaltInferno
9. Cobalt
10. CandyCobalt

12. LunarUI2_port
13. LG3-UI
14. SimplexBlue
15. Mixer_XTheme
16. PitchBlack
17. KiwiCobalt
18. Hue1
19. Infinite
20. Holo
21. Simplex
22. hue green
23. hue orange
24. hue red with tw
25. hue red
27. Chromiumfree
28. Flatron
29. lunar_Ui_signed
30. pxl

31. theme google
32. URBaNX.THEME.v0.0.9-R3Ds
33. URBaNX.THEME.v0.1.9-R3Ds
34. Crystal_2_Theme
35. royal elegance
36. abeanb
37. Alloy_Holo_theme
38. Alloy_Light_Blue_Theme
39. DeNitE_Leather_Blue_theme
40. killer red

41. Vivid4TW
42. pitchblack
43. Hue
44. liquid blue
45. XperiaMiUi_JB06
46. XperiaMiUiV5-2
47. XperiaTouchwiz5
48. betterbean cyan
49. betterbean red
50. blacked out
51. mixer

53.IOS 6.0
54. TouchWiz_5_free_theme

55. Kitkat theme
56. XperiaSense5_JB05
57. HTC_EleganceX

Why to wait now just Grab them…
Some More additions are >> Mianogen Free – CM12/PA Theme |…..J.theme.kitkat | http://forum.xda-dev…..php?t=2504371


Any request is accepted, just name and link the theme. NO PAY

See also: XBlast Tools – Visually Tweak Your Android Device using with Xposed Framework | AndroidFit.Com

If you do not like themes above then of course you can also create your own themes

How to create your own theme

See github SampleTheme for SampleTheme project. AndroidManifest.xml has all the info. Essentially, the theme format is 90% similar to CM10 Themes.

How Port CM10 Themes



  • Basic knowledge with Intellij SDK / Eclipse + Android (able to create a new project and run it on a phone)
  • Basic command line knowledge
  • apktool
  • some Intelligence
  • I will not tolerate the google-able issues


  1. apktool of THEME_APK
  2. Create a new project Intellij / Eclipse package with the same name as the theme (can discover in AndroidManifest.xml)
  3. Res copy and AndroidManifest.xml apktool extracts in the new project, replacing the generated files.
  4. Add Code:
    <uses-permission android:name="sg.ruqqq.XThemeEngine.permission.SYSTEM_THEME" />
  5. just after manifest tag
  6. Delete res/values/public.xml (if applicable)
  7. Make sure there is a file called res / xml / redirections.xml and the file content is set up to reflect the theme (see toSampleTheme or read and understand the thematic structure T-Mobile)
  8. Construct, install and Apply Theme!
  9. Soft Reboot!

Porting themes without Intellij / Eclipse

*Posted by pier10 viewpost.png
Moreover, there is another easier way to port a theme without IntelliJ or Eclipse.
I assume you know how to use and how to sign apktool .apk.
1. Decompile sampletheme.apk
2. Decompile your desired theme apk
3. In the case SampleTheme simply delete “res” folder and replace it with the “res” folder of your desired theme.
4. Modify AndroidManifest.xml and add the following line (before application tag) Code:

<uses-permission android:name="sg.ruqqq.XThemeEngine.permission.SYSTEM_THEME" />

(Optional) You can also replace package = “” with the name of focused theme.
5. Build, sign. That’s all. wink.gif

See also: How to Make Status bar Transparent & Change on Android | AndroidFit.Com

XThemeEngine only redirects

Unlike CM Theme is done just to CM and is cousins ​​(AOKP etc.) XThemeEngine is done to support various devices. Therefore, there will be a fragmentation problem for theme devs.

I implemented additional functionality to bypass fragmentation. This requires adding a new file: res / xml / xthemeengine_redirections.xml. This file functions as res / xml / redirections.xml except with 3 new attributes: deviceManufacturer, DeviceModel, deviceId. These attributes define the condition for which device to do redirects to. The attribute can have multiple values ​​separated by commas.


<package-redirections android:name="" android:resource="@xml/xthemeengine_com_android_systemui" android:minSdkVersion="16" deviceManufacturer="Sony" deviceModel="LT25i,LT29i,LT30p" deviceId="9.1.A.0.490,9.1.A.1.140" />

xthemeengine_com_android_systemui.xml be loaded theme for Sony LT25i, LT29i, LT30p and only for specific versions ROM. This way, I can state the layouts theme bar for specific device without causing FC.

See also: How to Install Android N on Windows PC


Why not bring the topic Air 100% as original theme? There are 2 reasons for this. First, as stated in the previous post, styles.xml does not work for XThemeEngine. Therefore, worn themes would not work 100%. For success, wearing a subject that is closer to Holo styles (dark background, light text). The second reason, which is the most common reason is that the theme is for CM10. CM10 is very close to AOSP while your device is running rom stocks keep some parts of the AOSP. The theme must be worn correctly (analyze your stock rom executives and redirect the appropriate files in your theme focused etc.) to fully support your device.

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