How To Fix Auto Correct In Android, iOS And Windows Phone

This is an innovative feature called Auto-Correction in smart devices to help people while typing and is available in almost all smartphones whether an Android, iOS or Windows. Auto-Correct function is provided to the smartphone to correct any misspelled words and also suggests alternative words, it can also automatically replace the words too when typing. Proper self-made life easier with auto-correct as you do not have to worry about grammar and spelling.

Although Auto-Correct feature is useful because it helps you to find misspelled words and allows you to correct it, allowing you to add new words in the vocabulary that is built on your operating system. But sometimes Auto Correct makes text and even more annoying emails. It happens most of the time and every time you try to resend your friends and self-okay again, do it again and again becomes very annoying and irritating.

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Auto Correct

If you regularly chat with friends, then this is the problem you may be facing for months or years, but if you are not aware of how to fix auto correct feature on your device, then you have landed at the right place. Today I will solve this problem so you can chat or message your friends as you want. I will provide ways to disable the auto-correct as Android, iOS and Windows phone platform.

Turn off Auto-correct in Android

Turn off Auto-correct in Android

To get rid of the self-correct the only way is to turn off or disable it. If you’re an Android user, follow the steps

  1. Open Adjusting your Android smartphone and go to the Language option and input.Turn off Auto-correct in Android 2
  2. Under Language and input, you will get other options. Go to the keypad and Methods. Press the Google keyboard setting by clicking on the respective right icon.Turn off Auto-correct in Android 3
  3. Google Keyboard Framework will give other options, find Auto-correction.Turn off Auto-correct in Android 4
  4. Press the auto-correction, you will get a window on the setting you want to make with Auto-Correct. Select Off from the options.

Turn off Auto-correct in Android 5

This will disable the auto-correct and now you can type any word without worrying about auto-correction anymore.

Turn Off Auto-correct in iOS

  1. Start Configuring your iOS device, which could be your iPhone or iPad
  2. Under Settings, go to General and go to keyboard option.
  3. According to the keyboard option, locate Auto-correction and off.Turn Off Auto-correct in iOS


Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone

Follow the steps in the sequence to disable the automatic correction function of your Windows Phone

  1. From Windows Phone, start by setting access under Settings.Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone
  2. Under Settings, you will get system applications. Under one, select Keyboard.Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone 2
  3. On the keyboard, you can add the keyboard or modify the existing keyboard. Choose English (United States) in the list of keyboards.Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone 3
  4. Once you click English (United States), you will get displayed related setting on your screen.Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone 4
  5. Select the option and uncheck the checkbox. To turn off AutoCorrect, uncheck the box associated with Misspelled correct words.Turn Off Auto-Correction in Windows Phone 5

If you have questions about the methods (Fix Auto Correct In Android, iOS And Windows Phone), we have mentioned here or you face a problem while turning the Auto-Correction feeling out free to let us know via comments below.

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