How to control your PC with your Android Phone or Tablet

There is a lot you can do with your android phone, but there are times when you need to use your PC. You may need to access a file, or you may actually need to run a program. If you do not feel like walking on your computer, or if you are separated from it by a distance, you can access remotely via your Android phone or tablet.

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How to control your PC from your Android phone or tablet

There is a surprising amount of choice when it comes to select an application to remotely control a PC. Read on to learn how to control your PC with your Android phone apps.

1. Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection is one of the best rated applications remotely and most popular on the Play Store, and for good reason too.

This PC application to free remote for smartphones and tablets offer a number of different remote controls and functions in a single chunky package. While it is possible to control the keyboard and mouse of a computer via a remote device, Remote Control Collection is also able to handle multimedia files, presentations and more.Remote-Control-Collection

The Remote Control Collection is divided into six categories, consisting of mouse, keyboard, live screen (Pro) Media Player (Pro), Slide (Pro) and voice recognition.
En route to the remote configuration page Android on your PC will start the implementation process of the application, which requires you to download the software remotely to your computer to identify your IP address, and the application couple with your handheld gadget. While the process seems a bit dull, it does not take much time to get up and running.
Homepage Mobile Remote Control Collection is divided into remote controls and peripherals. Use the mouse to control your computer screen is very simple and there are app shortcuts to expand the keyboard so you can use the function keys, copy and paste, zoom, and so on. In other words, Remote Control Collection does the job without much fuss.

>> Download Remote Control Collection from Google Play Store.

The Remote Link app comes courtesy of Asus, which means you’ll need a copy of their own software Asus remote connection server to your computer before you can go.

Remote Link supports all the features you expect and more, including at hand gestures Multi Pad and Android compatibility Wear. Wear the Android feature is a nice addition because it means that Asus owners can control a presentation on computer entirely from the screen of their laptop.

There is also a presentation remote control and remote support to Windows Media Player for good measure.Remote-Link-Screenshot

If you are a fan of the design of the own application, then you will feel like home to explore all that Remote Link has to offer. The tool remotely Android has a clean look to it, and all menus and their functions are clearly labeled to avoid confusion. Asus Remote app is considered more on the Play Store, with many downloaders complimenting simple design of the application.

We spotted a few complaints about advertisements built into the experience proving a nuisance, but it’s hard to complain too much when the application is free.

>> Download Remote Link (PC remote) from Google Play Store.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s answer to control your PC with an Android smartphone requires a Chrome extension to work, and once you set a PIN for the remote computer that you are ready to go.

Chrome Remote Desktop has been around a long time and continues to offer solid experience, arriving with cross-platform functionality for Windows and Mac users. An Internet browser Chrome being execution is naturally the only requirement.

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As long as you are connected to the same Google account on your smartphone and your computer, the Chrome Remote Desktop app will allow you to control the Wireless PC from the mobile screen. Then there is a slight delay while a connection is first established, for the most part, you can expect a lag-free experience.

Rotate your smartphone in landscape mode will give a clearer view of your desktop PC, and there are some commonly used keyboard shortcuts integrated for easy entry.

>> Download Chrome Remote Desktop from Google Play Store.

4. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is feature filled, come preloaded with support for over 90 different programs, including a useful file management tool and multimedia for music and video players.

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This Compatible Android remote app is quick to set up, with automatic detection of server to easily configure your home network. customizable server passwords are built in and multi-touch mouse control is included.

Meanwhile, UM distance has a variety of different themes to choose from, and 18 remote controls are grouped in the free package. The full version adds a few other tools, including voice commands, NFC controls, supporting Android Wear and more.

music apps supported by Remote Unified include Spotify, iTunes and Google Music, and streaming addicts can control YouTube, Netflix and Hulu with the application remotely too.

>> Download Unified Remote from Google Play Store.

5. TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control is fast and secure, capable of transferring files to and from different devices.

The TeamViewer remote application is free to download and requires the PC TeamViewer software to run. Download the software, enter your computer TeamViewer ID and password and then it is at full speed.

As expected, the full keyboard functionality is offered as multi-monitor support and the option to administer remote computers unattended.


The people behind TeamViewer application that can easily become a valuable tool in the workplace, but there are enough features included in the download to be useful at home too.
TeamViewer for Remote Control is certainly the most oriented business PC app to distance we covered in our list, but it has many of the same features as its competitors.

>> Download Unified Remote from Google Play Store.

What is your favorite android app control of the bunch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and tell us if there are other remote PC alternatives, we would take a look at.

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