Top 5 Instant Cameras

Instant camera those who are thinking of buying here! We brought together the top 5 of the new trend instant cameras that attract everyone from 7 to 70.

Instant cameras provide the basically captured photo to be handled instantly. In other words, after taking a photo, it also prints it.

Polaroid cameras have a different working principle. In general, they may think that there is a small photography press studio inside these machines. These products, which look like a normal machine in appearance, only attract attention with their large size. The reason for the large size of these cameras can be shown as the press laboratory in the photo. Basically, the image that is negative in the machine comes out positively. The waving sign after the photograph is out is for the transition from negative to positive.

Top 5 Instant Camera for those who want to take snapshots and see them as photo prints without wasting time

Polaroid OneStep Plus

The original Polaroid brand has not been around for a while, but then we come across OneStep series We see that he came out with. Polaroid OneStep More ve Polaroid OneStep 2 their models look quite retro and allow you to capture successful photos. The features of this machine snapshots can be purchased from certain channels in Turkey also updated with a new model:

  • Movie genre: Polaroid 600 ve Polaroid i-Tipi
  • Image size: 108×88 mm
  • Objective: 103mm / 89mm
  • Minimum shooting distance: 60cm
  • Focus modes: Macro, Normal and Landscape
  • Flash: Internal
  • Timer: Where
  • Viewfinder: optics
  • User level: Start

You can also control this camera, which is integrated with the Bluetooth connection, on the smartphone. Among these controls, while a few new shooting modes are being added, side features such as double exposure are added.

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