Two Prototype Folding iPhones pass durability test

The Economic Daily News recently reported that two of the folding iPhones released so far have passed internal durability tests.

Apple’s hinge system was mounted through its PACE and was designed at the company’s Foxconn factory in China. The first model was rumored to have two screens and in June 2020 matched the prototype suggested by John Prosser. Apple has recently filed a patent for a device that has two separate displays connected through a hinge.

The second model is of a clamshell type similar to the Moto RAZR and Galaxy Z Flip, in which Samsung’s OLED technology can be used. There were reports that Apple ordered a large number of foldable mobile displays in 2020.

The report did not say whether the two Apple devices had different hinges, and that the test units were too small to have no internal hardware.

It is believed that foldable iPhones may appear in 2022 or 2023. The last patent pointing to foldable iPhones began in 2016 and shows how the concept has progressed.

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