What are Google Search Options?

What are Google Search Options? How to make the best search on Google How to use Google advanced search? All methods for easier search and finding what you are looking for are in our article…

One of the most important methods of accessing information today is to use the Google search engine. Although it offers one of the simplest interfaces in the world, you can follow some simple methods to reach what you are looking for from Google with more precise results and save time.

Request Google advanced search options.

Google Search Options

” “(Double quotes)

When you search with double quotes, you will be looking exactly like the word you are looking for. The double-quoted results are exactly the textual results of this sentence. The other is the results that contain the words.

– (dash, minus)

We can prevent words from appearing during search by putting them in front of the words we don’t want included.

| (OR)

Google takes action. You can use OR if you want to get information about this or that passing form for OR operation.


It is used to mark the place to be left blank in any group of words.

.. (two dots)

Lets you search in range. For example, you are looking at ipad, but you want to list the ipads that cost between 500 TL and 1000 TL. How could you normally do this. You would go to sites like Hepsiburada.com and filter. What would happen in this situation? You would only be based on the price of Hepsiburada.com, but if there is either a n11 or a cheaper product, why not ignore them. Instead, we can ask this question on google and view the results on all sites.


Occasionally, it comes up with your google searches. An explanation in the form of a dictionary equivalent and a card that displays it in other languages. You can use it to see the dictionary meaning of the word and its translation in other languages.


It allows you to search in the type of file you want to search. You need to give the operator file formats. Such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT. For example, your subject will make presentations and presentation consumption of water resources in Turkey. Since this presentation will be available, you may want to examine other prepared PPT files on the internet. In this case, you can make a search as follows.


It allows you to search only on the designated site.


Lists sites that are similar to the word you are looking for. For example, if you search for your company name, the sites and articles associated with your company will be listed.


Lets you do it in the header of the site. In this way, you narrow the searches thoroughly and you will only see the search results on the sites with the subject title.


Allows you to search between site URLs. If you have any url estimates related to the topic you are looking for, you can directly search the result by searching in this url.


Lists the films in which the word you are looking for. For example, let’s list the films that Istanbul has gone through.


There is a site or URL was working before but now you are trying to open it does not open. In this case, the site is a savior. The last version of Google caching this URL.

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