What is Deep Web? How to Enter the Deep Web?

Last updated: October 15, 2020

The invisible and dark side of the internet What is the Deep WebYou can find answers to many questions about the Deep Web, such as what is the Dark Web, what is on the Deep Web, is the Deep Web dangerous, how to enter the Deep Web.

It is said that the Deep Web constitutes 90 percent of the entire internet world; 10 percent of it covers all websites that Google can access. How attractive is that?

What is the Deep Web?

Web pages that standard search engines cannot index are networks defined as Deep web or hidden web. Deep web pages occur when web browsers cannot access links from these sites. Therefore, they are not included in surface web.

What’s in the Deep Web?

On the Deep Web;

  • Personal e-mail information obtained as a result of data leakage,
  • Social media posts content,
  • Credit card information,
  • Data leaked from company databases,
  • Scientific and academic articles,
  • Medical records,
  • There are legal documents or information obtained illegally.

Is it a crime to enter the Deep Web?

Using the Deep Web is not a crime.

Is the Deep Web dangerous?

It is inevitable that you will be a part of a system that can reach very dangerous levels even for adults, especially children. Because everything starts with a little curiosity. It is only a matter of time before you find yourself in the dangerous business that revolves around here.

How to enter the Deep Web?

We need to use Tor Browser to get deep into the internet world. Tor Browser gives you instant locations, allowing you to browse the Deep Web anonymously.

What is TOR browser, what is it for, how to install TOR Browser, how to use Tor Browser, what is the working principle?

The extension of the sites on the dark web is .onion, not the ones we are used to such as .com, .net, .org. Complex, encrypted urls with “.onion” extension appear at the end of the urls. Thanks to the connection made between the browser and the Tor network, P2P (Peer-to-peer) We are entering into a network communication that makes it possible to share data between two or more clients.

What is TOR browser, what does it do? TOR Browser installation how to do it How to use Tor Browserwhat is the working principle You can find it in detail in our article here.

What is the Dark Web?

All Internet sites that share illegal content within the deep web are called Dark Web (Dark Web) is called. Commonly, the Dark web definition is also used instead of the Deep web.

What’s in the Dark Web?

Dark Web links can contain a lot of false or correct illegal data. Downloading information / videos / images on the dark web is sometimes illegal because these links contain government secrets, private findings of prominent people, +18 sexually explicit content, child sexual harassment, drug dealing, illegal weapon sales, gambling, and many other illegal content that we cannot count. .

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