How to Unlock the Keyboard?

Last updated: October 14, 2020

To avoid damage to your work when you need to leave your computer while working on a job keyboard lock You can use the feature.

You can prevent your little children from disturbing the moment by pressing the keys of the keyboard or moving the mouse, especially while watching a movie on the computer or video chatting with your friend.

What is a Keyboard Lock, what does it do?

You may need to lock the keyboard so that nothing happens when you leave the computer while doing an important operation on the computer.

If any key on your keyboard is pressed, the keys do not work, locking the keyboardIf you want, it is possible to do this without any additional program.

How to lock keyboard?

On the keyboard to the right Shift Key 10 seconds if you hold down Do you want to activate the filter keys? The question will come.

How to Unlock the Keyboard?

Yes saying keyboard lockYou can activate.

How to unlock the Keyboard?

To unlock the keyboard keys again, click the button on the right. Shift Press and hold button for 10-15 seconds. This time, there will be no warning on the screen. Keypad lock will be removed without notification.

How to lock both keyboard and mouse?

KeyFreeze Thanks to the program, you can lock both the keyboard and the mouse.

KeyFreeze After locking your keyboard and mouse with, it is enough to press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys and then press the Esc key.

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