What is Driver Booster, How to use it?

Last updated: 11/10/20

Your desktop or laptop hardware updating drivers you can use for What is Driver Booster, how to download, how to use?

Driver, With the Turkish expression driver It is an important issue that can be described as software that enables the communication and organization of the devices in our computer with the operating system. With the driver, the hardware in the computer is introduced to the operating system so that the existing hardware is used.

The biggest problem usually encountered after formatting our computer is the inability to find drivers for hardware components. After installing a new operating system, your system may not recognize some of the hardware connected to your computer.

Driver Update program Driver Booster With this, you can find and install the drivers of the hardware that cannot be found or have difficulty in finding the driver / software installed on your system by searching in its own driver database.

also Driver Booster You can scan your hardware and see your outdated drivers and have them updated.

What is Driver Booster, what does it do?

Driver Booster is a program designed to update audio, video, USB and drivers on your PC that are aging, affect performance or cause system errors.

With Driver Booster, you can automatically find old drivers and easily download the latest versions of the drivers to your computer.

Is Driver Booster paid?

There are two versions of the Driver Booster program Driver Booster Free The free version lists the drivers that need updating and lets you install them. Driver Booster Pro version besides these features Provides technical support for up to three computers.

Download Driver Booster

To download Driver Booster click here.

How to use Driver Booster?

When you open the program, you will see a window like the one below.

What is Driver Booster, How to use it?

Click the button that says Scan here and wait for the scan to finish. When the scan is finished, it will show the missing drivers and click the button that says Update automatically update.

How to uninstall Driver Booster?

Open Start, type Add or Remove Programs in the search box and press Enter on the keyboard. From the window that opens, find and right click on Driver Booster and select Uninstall from the popup menu.

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