What is PUBG Experimental Server?

Last updated: October 20, 2020

In this article, you can find topics such as what PUBG Experimental Server is, how to download it and what is the difference between PUBG Experimental Server and Test Server, which is blowing like a storm in the game world and seems to continue to have this effect for a long time.

PUBG has two different trial platforms as ‘Test’ and ‘Experimental’.

What is PUBG Live Server?

There are systems that have been coded, tried and approved by people in Live Server, tournament matches and classic games are usually played here.

What is PUBG Test Server?

Test Server, on the other hand, is used to check and approve the new features to be added to the game by the community.

What is PUBG Experimental Server?

Announced by Krafton in 2018, Experimental Server is not constantly in use, unlike Test Server. Experimental Server is only activated for players to check out what’s new in major updates. Although it is not permanently available, it can be said that Experimental Server is a platform that serves its purpose by reducing the load of Krafton. An example of these major updates is a new map that will be added to PUBG.

Differences between PUBG Experimental Server and Test Server

While the fact that there are two different test platforms is confusing at first glance, there is actually a sharp distinction. The Test Server gets all the updates Krafton makes for PUBG early and offers them to the players’ experience. The purpose of this is to see if the update serves the purpose and to get feedback from the players.

What Experimental Server serves is a little different. The most obvious difference between the Test Server and the Experimental Server is that the Experimental Server is activated when only one map is tested while the Test Server is always on. When Krafton plans to make a new map available to players, it offers it on Experimental Server instead of Test Server. This is precisely why Experimental Server, which is needed only in the release periods of new maps, remains closed for the remaining times.

How to download PUBG Experimental Server?

In order to download PUBG: Experimental Server, you must first purchase PUBG on Steam. You must have PUBG in your library to access Experimental Server. If you didn’t buy this link You can buy PUBG using it.

  • 1# After the purchase Library Switch to.

If you have PUBG or just purchased it, switch to the section where your games are located by using the “Library” button on the top toolbar of Steam.

  • 2# Click the search section at the top left of the Library tab.PUBG: Experimental ServerSearch after typing ”.

After accessing your library, click the search section on the left.PUBG: Experimental ServerEnter the Steam page of the platform that comes with PUBG by typing.

  • 3# After logging into Experimental Server’s main page, the “left”LoadUse the ”button.

After logging into PUBG: Experimental Server’s Steam page, you will see the “LoadMove to the next step by using ”button.

  • 4# Select the storage area where you want to install the Experimental Server from the screen that appears and click the “FurtherUse the ”button.

After you come to the storage area selection screen, you will start the download process of Experimental Server with your selection. For this, after selecting the storage area, the following “Move forwardIt will be enough to use the ”button.

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