WordPress AMP Nedir?

Last updated: 14/10/20

What is AMP, what does it do What is AMP test, How to, How to install WordPress AMP, Is it necessary to use AMP on the site About AMPYou can find answers to many questions in our article.

Today, internet users generally spend more time in browsers on phones than in browsers on computers and visit websites through these browsers. Google also developed AMP technology because it attaches importance to user experience and presented it to users in 2016.

What does AMP mean?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

WordPress AMP nedir?

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages It was created to provide users with a faster web experience, allowing relevant pages to open instantly html It is a collection of pages. AMP pages with version google It is displayed with a special tag in the search results.

What does AMP do?

The purpose of the development of the Google AMP project is to create a read-only and pure speed environment for internet addresses. When you configure the page with AMP, you provide a much faster access to your site users.

AMP project caches the pages created with codes and presents them to each visitor instantly from the cache. Since there is no content fetching from the page every time, it is seen that the pages are opened at the maximum speed value. In order to keep your visitors, especially if you have medium and high-scale traffic on mobile Google AMP You definitely need high-speed initiatives.

What is AMP Project?

AMP Project is an open source initiative launched by Google in October 2015 as a way to improve the overall performance of mobile websites. The project prides itself on having its own framework (AMP HTML) and also the project is designed to create fast web pages, thus reducing loading times.

What is AMP test, how is it done?

You can use the AMP Test to check the validity of an AMP page and verify that it has the proper configuration to appear in Google Search results.

Google AMP testsborn You can reach by clicking here.

You can test AMP by typing the full URL of the web page you want to test on the page that opens.

How to set up WordPress AMP?

In order to use AMP on your WordPress site, it will be enough to install any of the following 2 plugins.

  1. WordPress AMP
  2. AMP for WP-Accelerated Mobil Pages

Having a clean, user-friendly interface to organize your pages AMP for WP-Accelerated Mobil Pages plugin, most different tools can be integrated. These include plugins such as WooCommerce (Popular WordPress e-Commerce plugin), Alexa metrics, OneSignal push button notifications.

AMP for WP-Accelerated Mobil Pages To use the plugin, from your WordPress dashboard Plugins> Add New open the section and ‘AMP for WP‘Download and activate the plugin by searching.

How to remove AMP from WordPress?

Remove WordPress AMP You need to deactivate and remove the AMP plugin you have installed from the WordPress plugins section.

Redirecting WordPress AMP pages

WordPress indexed by Google after uninstalling the AMp plugin AMP pages not giving 404 errors for AMP page forwarding you must.

1 – For redirection Click here to install the Redirection plugin.

2 – After installing the plugin, located at the bottom of the WordPress Tools tab. RedirectionClick.

Redirections Add New Click the button.

On the page that opens;

Source URL to part;


Target URL to part;


by typing Regex After checking the box, you can save the last page.

WordPress AMP Nedir?

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