Best Distance Learning Programs

Last updated: October 6, 2020

Best for students programs used for distance education what are What are the best distance learning programs we can use?

Due to the worldwide pandemic, private or public schools now provide distance education. For this reason, many distance education programs other than Zoom have started to attract a lot of attention.


Developed by the Ministry of National Education, the EBA application is an education network that can be used in any operating system, regardless of whether the user is an iOS or Android user. Thanks to the Education Informatics Network’s mobile application, students can watch educational videos prepared and presented by teachers, and have the opportunity to solve tests on their subject.


Zoom is a platform where you can hold meetings, meetings, trainings and online lessons online. You can either download the application or work on both mobile and tablet devices and computers via the browser.

Zoom, the video calling application developed by Eric Yuan, is one of the applications that students who will continue their education and training remotely must use.

More detailed information about zoom in our article here you can find.


Evernote is a must-have application for those who cannot work without taking notes on their phone, tablet or computer. Evernote, which is used in Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS operating systems, can optionally take your notes with or without text. It should be emphasized that the application is not just a note taking application. Students using Evernote can use the app’s reminder feature to perform their tasks in a more organized way. Students also have the opportunity to add media items such as videos, photos and PDFs to their notes. Don’t forget to use Evernote’s features to make online education colorful.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle, we recommend you distance education programs It is one of the most useful applications. The application has great benefits, especially for those who complain about not being fit in the morning. The application, which monitors your mobility rate from moment to moment while you sleep, measures how deep your sleep is while you continue to sleep and decides whether your sleep is light or heavy depending on your movements. Sleep Cycle, which you will use on your bed, wakes you up when your sleep is the lightest and thus prevents you from having insomnia.

Forest: Stay Focused

This application, named Forest: Stay Focused, is a great productivity application for those who have problems such as focusing while continuing education and training with distance education. When the application is opened, a sapling is planted and at the end of a certain period, if the user has not left the application for the given time, he sees that the sapling he planted is a tree and the resulting trees increase as the process is repeated. In this application named Forest: Stay Focused, if you leave the application after the sapling is planted, the process fails. The application can be very useful, especially when doing tests at home.

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