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Last updated: December 30, 2020

The best we have compiled for you GTA San Andreas mods With the list, you can have a more enjoyable game experience while playing the game again.

With the Grand Theft Auto series, it left its mark on the history of acting with every game and became a favorite of many players. One of the most popular games of the series Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a game that has been downloaded and played by the players many times.

GTA San Andreas a very old game The graphics of the production may sound bad for you. In such a situation, the best thing to do would be to mod the game. Played over and over again by nostalgia lovers and GTA fans, this game is more fun with the modes.

The best we have compiled for you GTA San Andreas mods With the list, you can have a more enjoyable game experience while playing the game again.

How to install GTA San Andreas mods?

GTA San Andreas mods There are usually more than one method to install. The reason for this is that since the types and types of mods are different, the way they are loaded can also be different. You can read the installation methods of some of these mods from the text documents called Readme in the folder, but the method required to install most of the mods we will share in a minute is the CLEO program.

Latest version of CLEO clicking here Download it. Then perform the installation required for San Andreas. After doing this step, the files will be automatically added to the San Andreas folder. Then below Files of mods that can be loaded with CLEO You can install the mods by dropping them in the CLEO folder inside the GTA San Andreas folder.

Best GTA San Andreas Mods

Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun mode allows you to sweep a target person off their feet, pull them to you and throw them forward. The point that makes the game mode fun is that the weapon given to you is not limited to working only on NPC (Non-Player Character). It also works on any object other than non-player characters.

First-Person View

First-Person View This game mode, which is called as the last game of the GTA series, allows you to switch to the first person shooter mode.

Overdose Effects

Overdose Effects mode makes the explosions in the game more realistic, providing you with a new generation experience.

Cheat Menu

Cheat Menu It provides great convenience to players who do not want to deal with cheat codes. By using this game mode, you can use the trick you want practically.


GTA V ENB mod turns San Andreas into a game developed with the latest technologies used in game development. You can download this game mode to get a graphic quality close to the graphics quality of GTA 5.


Parkour Allows you to do a total of 65 moves in mode. Thanks to this game mode, you can somersault in many ways, including back and front somersaults.

Switch Character

Switch Character The mod brings a feature available in the game called Grand Theft Auto V to San Andreas. Switch Character allows you to switch between characters, as the name of the mod suggests. The mod switches between Cesar, Sweet and CJ, but you can change the model of these characters and bring Michael, Trevor and Fraklin to San Andreas.

Tuning Mod

Tuning Mod now with the more parts You can add and place these parts as you wish.

HD Weapons

HD Weapons The mod pack changes the appearance of the weapons in the game, making the weapons much clearer and much more beautiful. Simple 2D weapon modeling in the game all it is completely changed and becomes HD. If you want to improve the appearance of the weapons in the game, we recommend you to use this mod.

New Effects V1

New Effects V1 mode changes the appearance of many effects in the game such as water, light, fire, explosion and makes it more modern. In this way, the effects in San Andreas become extremely beautiful.

GTA United

GTA United This mod, named, allows you to play with the map of GTA 3 or GTA Vice City instead of the GTA San Andreas map. With this mod, access to many buildings is provided, gangs from old games are added to San Andreas, and radio stations of these games can also be listened to in vehicles.

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