What is a Router, What Does It Do?

Last updated: October 19, 2020

You can find answers to many questions about Router such as what is a router, what does it do, how does a router work, how to set up a Router and what are the differences of a Router Modem.

What is a router?

Router, also known as Router, offers you to surf the internet. ID atayan are devices. Router devices are a box that connects many devices to the same network. Routers that allow you to be a part of the network traffic provided by your internet provider, wired and wireless It enables phones, computers and smart devices to access the internet by broadcasting.

What does a router do?

The internet service that your internet provider brings to the front of your house with cables from their own servers and from there to the lines in your apartment, from personal devices allows you to use. Routers, the first main part after the modem, the ethernet cable we all know, Wi-Fi areas and is in the middle of terms like internet password. In short, routers, which are also responsible for security, are one of the most important products that allow you to open up to the world.

How does the router work?

Routers connect a modem such as fiber or cable between other devices such as a modem, allowing communication between these devices and the internet. While most routers, even wireless routers, usually have several network ports to connect multiple devices to the Internet at the same time.

Typically, a router is physically connected, via a network cable, to the modem via the Internet or WAN port, and then physically, via a network cable, to the network interface card on any wired network device you own. A wireless router can be connected via various wireless standards to devices that also support the particular standard used.

An IP address assigned to the WAN or internet connection is a public IP address. The IP address assigned to the LAN or local network connection is a private IP address. Private IP addresses assigned to a router are usually the default gateway for various devices on the network.

Wireless routers and multi-link wired routers also act as simple network switches that allow devices to communicate with each other. For example, several computers connected to a router can be configured to share printers and files among themselves.

How to set up a router?

The router provides internet access over a single modem within its coverage area. It may be necessary to follow a different setup scheme for each Router. If there is a user manual next to the Wireless Router you purchased, it is recommended to install it by following the steps in this guide.

After making the connections of the router properly, by following a follow-up method such as, the necessary settings for the internet connection can be made with the information given to the users through the service provider.

Router components

  1. Rom
  2. Ram
  3. Motherboard
  4. Cpu

What is a modem?

A device that enables information exchange and communication through any device that can connect to the internet through telephone lines is called a modem. The device is called a modem because it does modulation to make the digital data can pass through the telephone line and demodulation to transform the incoming data into a form that can be understood by smart devices such as computers, phones, tablets. Modems are devices used to connect to the internet, to remotely control a computer and to communicate. Modems that can send and receive faxes without the need for paper, talk without lifting the phone handset and work as an answering machine are very useful.

Router and modem differences

Router and the main difference of modem devices is that routers connect local networks but stand-alone internet access does not provide. Modem is the device that provides access to the internet. In order for the router to reach the internet, it must be connected to the modem. Although the router has assigned a different IP to each connected device, these devices are connected to the modem while accessing the Internet. IP address of the internet network they use.

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