iPhone 7 Rumors: Design, Features, Specs, Leaks & Release Date

Apple is set to release its latest iPhone, the so-called iPhone 7, early next month. The Californian technology giant usually updates its range of smartphones in early September so it can see the end of the year on a good note, and now the iPhone 7 rumors and leaks detailing its features, specifications, design, and date are flowing in thick and fast release.

But, as with almost everything on the internet, it is sometimes difficult to decipher between what is trustworthy and what is not. What reason we have restored every reliable leak, rumor and piece of information about the new iPhone and put them together with the sources included. We will also update the position of each new time information arrives, so keep checking in between now and release.

Here’s everything we know so far about the new Apple iPhone 7.

It might not actually be called the iPhone 7

While most people (us included) are waiting for Apple’s next iPhone be called the iPhone 7, some leaks have suggested that Apple may opt for the name “iPhone 6SE” instead. The rumor came first German Apfelpage tech news site, which quoted Chinese sources in the supply chain who had seen the finished packaging and labels with the name 6SE. It would be a great shock, since almost all publications on the Earth has called the iPhone 7, but it would be logical: it is the 40th anniversary of Apple next year and they have big plans for the all of its devices – there is no way that this device called the iPhone 7s on such a momentous occasion.

Its design will look familiar, but there could be new colors

A photograph taken outside the offices of Lite-On, a company with expertise in optical technology, seems to show the back of the new iPhone Apple 7.

The leak picture, which comes courtesy of NowhereElse.fr provides the best look yet at the clean design and new camera. It shows that the future standard size iPhone will have a much larger, exceeding the target of the camera (and probably a larger sensor) along the cleanest antenna lines.

There is no guarantee that this is exactly the device that Apple will launch later this year, but it is certainly possible that someone could have taken the phone for Lite-On for testing offices. It probably will not be the last flight, we will see between now and the official launch event, so stay tuned for more information as we have.

By the look of a photograph leak (see first image above) taken outside the offices of Lite-On, a company with expertise in optical technology, the design will be very similar to the iPhone 6s. He, however, look much cleaner with the relocated antenna lines at the edge of the phone.

Other concept drawings have speculated that the programming will include an iPhone 7 (4.7 inch display), iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inch screen) and a new iPhone Pro 7, each available in new colors ” deep blue “and” however, the black space. “the new” “dark blue is pure speculation and not a single leak or report confirmed. Videos like this have helped peddle the “deep blue” Fantastic iPhone, but since the color is not on any other Apple devices, it is the introduction now seems very unlikely.

It will have a “pressure-sensitive” home button

The same Bloomberg report citing unnamed people “familiar with the matter” as saying the new iPhone will have a home button that “provides information to the user via a vibrating haptic sensation.” If true, it will mean the new button will be closer to the trackpads on the latest MacBooks than traditional physical click.iphone-7-home-button-feature

It will come with a much improved, “dual” camera

After months of rumors, Bloomberg News reported on August 8 that the device will be equipped effect of a dual-camera system. The major update will allow both sensors to capture colors differently and at the same time to take pictures that are then combined into a single picture. It is said to enhance brightness and detail, and sharpen snaps taken in low light. It will only be available on the Plus version of the phone.iphone-7-plus-dual-camera-rumor-review

What is important here, in terms of reliability is saying that. This, and other 7 Iphone apparently confirmed rumors.

But it won’t feature a standard headphone jack

Leaks blueprints provided reliable insider tech for Steve Hemmerstoffe uSwitch earlier this year confirmed what had been widely speculated since early 2015: the iPhone 7 has no standard headphone jack. The kidnapping is said to allow Apple to add a second speaker, thereby improving the quality and volume. Instead, it will promote the use of its lightning and Bluetooth earphones.

Its specs

We know for certain that the new iPhone will come with iOS 7 10 Apple software and an improved processor, offering more power and efficiency than its predecessors.

In perhaps better news, IHS analyst with Technology “impeccable track record when it comes to the release of new Apple products,” said 9to5mac 7 that the next iPhone will not be available with the familiar 16GB of storage. Instead, a 32GB model will be offered as standard.

In addition, an Italian HDBlog site,  suggested that the iPhone 7 Plus Apple, which is expected to launch alongside the iPhone in September 7, will feature a monumental 256GB of storage. This is double the storage of an entry level Macbook Air, and would make it even more intelligent high-capacity Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The site shows pictures of a NAND flash memory chip 256GB SanDisk that “might be appropriate for the next-generation smartphone,” according to MacRumors.

Apart from that, we do not know much.

The iPhone 7 release date is September 16

This one is obvious. Each iPhone is going back to the iPhone 5 was released in September, so it does not take a genius to understand that the iPhone 7 should appear in September (but it will make me look stupid if it’s not) .

According to a “reliable source”, Apple may be bringing the iPhone 7 earlier than in previous years, but it was probably on the smaller, cheaper iPhone OS.

It is now almost confirmed that the iPhone 7 will be ready for pre-order on September 9 and then fully released September 16. Add people to your calendars!

We believe that the announcement date of the iPhone 7 will probably be 5 or 6 September, but our buddies over at TechRadar believe that it will be September 7.

The iPhone 7 price will be the same as the current 6S

The cost of a new iPhone generally follows the same convention each new model. If that is the case this year, the iPhone 7 will cost about the same as the current iPhone 6S (and the iPhone 6S will receive a prize of £ 100 down 80 / $).

Following this logic, the iPhone would cost about £ 539 7 649 / $ for the least expensive option with less memory. However, we do not think there will be a 16GB model, so that the range will start with a 32GB version.

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Stay tuned for more information as we have it. 


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