iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks (8 Essential iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks)

The new iPhone 7 and 7 plus obviously come with new, chub and faster internal hardware, but there is some less obvious stuff they are able to accomplish too much, nestled under their shiny exterior.

To ensure that you get the most out of the iPhone 7 when it is launched later this month, be sure to check out our collection of iPhone 7 tips that shows you what you can do with the most recent piece of Apple kit.

As we spend more time with the iPhone 7 and discover new tips and tricks, we will update this guide, so if you go to buy a new Apple smartphone, be sure to return to this page regularly.

iPhone 7 tips and tricks

We thoughtfully (you’re welcome) thrown out in order for you. so that you can school your friends with your newfound iExpertise:iphone-7-tips-iphone-7-tricks

  1. Wake your iPhone 7 by picking it up

    The iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which packs a number of interesting features for the iPhone 7.
    One of the new features of the most useful iPhone iOS 10 and 7 is the ability to wake up the screen when the handset is lifted. Now when you want to check your phone, all you need to do is lift the iPhone 7 and the screen will wake up, allowing you to check notifications and unlock your iPhone 7 quickly and easily.

  2. Wonderful World of widgets

    Swipe right on your lock and / or the home screen, and you can access your list of widgets – previews bites of your favorite apps that you can jump in immediately.

    scroll right to the bottom of your widget list to add or remove as you please, or transfer them to the top and bottom of the list. You even get a little reminder at hand that tells you if there are new widgets that you can add to the list. Thank you to them, you will not even need to jump in and out of all applications. You are limited only by your imagination. And your battery life, we assume.


    When has the fudge shortened the lock-screen camera disappeared? If you put the iPhone 7 from an older iPhone, iOS 10 non-equipped, you have probably noticed that the lock screen has only the little camera icon in the lower right corner that could be used to launch the snapper in fast dual mode. The icon has disappeared, but the function has not, it is just moved.iphone-7-tips-iphone-7-trickd-quickly-access-the-camera-with-the-iphone-7-locked

    Now it’s even easier to get to the camera without unlocking your phone. Simply slide from the right side of the lock screen and you pull open the camera app as you move. It is the perfect shortcut for shots not to be missed and opportunities selfie.


    Yes…. 3D Touch is not new, but it has more useful features than ever. 3D Touch-ing the Settings icon, for example, gives you the ability to quickly switch to Wi-Fi, cellular data, and battery options without having to scroll through many facets settings. You can also press the 3D flashlight icon in the Control Center to choose light intensity.

    Another very useful feature is the 3D Touch that allows you to prioritize application downloads. If you started the mass downloading a bunch of applications after a trip to the App Store and you’re dying to get into one more than the other, 3D Touch application in question allows you download first.


    The universal law of technology explicitly states that turning your device off and back solves everything. Unless maybe he is on fire. But in general, a reset works wonderfully, and the new iPhone 7 is no different.

    However, the new Home button is no longer mechanical, which means that when your iPhone is locked, you would not be able to perform the traditional hard reset by pressing the two power buttons of the house and in the same time.

    Fortunately, there is a new method that is just as easy – hold both the power and volume decrease buttons until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears to tell you that everything is ok.


    Urgent responses should never wait again. Now you can answer without even unlocking your phone. Seriously. Saving precious seconds, updates the lock screen of the iPhone 7 are answers widgets can be used without the need for an access code.

    How? Well, firmly pressing a received message on the lock screen will throw a small response window that allows you to get your answer in sharpish. Although slightly worrying when this companion arsehole we all put their hands on your handset, there are privacy measures in place. Although you can not answer without unlocking your phone, you will need an access code to view the entire history of messages.


    OK, this is easy. Instead of tapping buttons or get friendly with Touch ID fingerprint, you can now wake up your phone simply by lifting. It does not matter if it was residing in your pocket or sitting on the table, lift slightly and its screen will spring to life. It’s so simple.iphone-7-home-button-feature

    Find this screen-clearing, notification-display feature a little on the irritating side? Do not worry, you can turn on and off simply by too Settings> Display and light> Raise Wake and placing the switch to the desired position. Sorted.


    This is a great tour for people who need some optical aid. 10 iOS, your iPhone can double as a magnifying glass. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility to turn on Magnifier. Keep in mind, it is different from Zoom, which applies real things on the screen on your iPhone.

    Once this all on, all you have to do is press your home button to switch triple in Loupe, so you can finally start to find Wally in style.

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