Lifecell 4.5G Turbo VINN WiFi MW70VK Review

The Internet is a need we can say in the universe we live in, it is possible to say that there is no home that is almost a nuclear family and does not use internet subscription, but there is also the use of it in corporate areas. Many of us are doing tiring business trips, walking around the city and feeling the need for internet instantly and trying to fix it, it is very difficult to find the same quality internet connection at every point. At this point, if we say that this device produced by Turkcell in cooperation with Alcatel company fully meets these needs, we will not be exaggerated.


Size & Weight

92 x 62.5 x 13.3 mm

85 gr

4.5G Download (Download) Speed
4.5G Download 300 Mbps
4G Upload Speed ​​(Upload)
Upload 100 Mbps
Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)
802.11b / g / n 10 WiFi Connection
SMS Feature
Viewing SMS
DLNA Feature

Battery & Power Management

Battery Type
2150 mAh
Standby time
Up to 300 hours
Duration of Use

Up to 8 hours

The product has a lot of counterparts in the market and we can say that the prices on this scale are roughly the same as their counterparts. The price of the product is sold at Turkcell communication centers with 609 TL, you can have the product with and without contract. You need to have a 4.5G supported sim card in product use. The product sim card slot is located just under the battery panel, it is very easy to use and enjoyable.


I can strongly recommend you to charge the product before the installation, the product is sold to you with almost 10-20% battery charge, the installation is very simple, after the sim card is installed, you can use it directly by connecting with the Wi-Fi information written on the back of the battery panel cover. You will not need it, you can change the Wi-Fi information by entering the modem interface.


Login to the modem interface via

The administrator password is classic ‘admin’ like many modems today.

All we can do to set up this screen is to change the modem Wi-Fi information. The modem broadcasts Wi-Fi at a frequency of 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

You can use the tab in the Setting Wi-Fi section to change your Wi-Fi SSID and Password.

The product is very useful and a minimal product can be taken easily when needed, we have come to the end of this article, Stay tuned for more technology articles and news, We wish you health days.

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