What Programming Language Is WhatsApp Written In?

What programming language is whatsapp written in?

Have you ever wondered what programming language the most popular messaging app WhatsApp is written in?

WhatsApp is by far the most popular instant messaging app. There is almost no one who does not use Whatsapp on their phones.

There have been a lot of people trying to clone WhatsApp as a chat application. However, thanks to the programming language used in Whatsapp, these clones could not spill water on Whatsapp in terms of many features.

What programming language was WhatsApp written in?

Whatsapp Erlang written in programming language. This language was developed by the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson in 1986 under the leadership of Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and Mike Williams.

ERLANG language: It is the programming language used in the coding of the WhatsApp application where a code was restructured and some important changes were made on the (Ejabberd) server to achieve optimum server performance.

WhatsApp uses the Ejabberd XMPP server, which facilitates real-time forwarding of instant messages between two or more users. Erlang has the flexibility to adapt to instant updates and quick fixes, which helps WhatsApp to quickly push changes directly into practice without the need for a reboot.

Last Updated: 28 July 2022

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