Top 10 Apple TV Plus Series

Apple TV Plus series on our list, Apple TV Plus orginal and built by Apple top 10 Apple TV+ seriesWhat place do we place? Apple TV Plus original productions consist of content that Apple has ordered from a production company as a broadcasting platform. These productions are not broadcast on any other platform. Apple TV+ […]

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movie to watch on Amazon Prime seekers the best Amazon original contentwe brought together. Users who are members of the Amazon Prime system can view popular movies, award-winning series, Amazon Originals TV seriesni can be viewed at no additional cost. Amazon Prime Video pretty on good movies exists. Amazon Prime Videomany in original TV and […]

Netflix Movie Codes

Netflix Movie Codes Netflix movie codes You can easily access the movies in the category you want to watch without searching. Netflix movie codes These codes, which we will give in our article, are a set of codes consisting of numbers between 4 and 6 digits for category definition. Thanks to these codes, you can […]

Foreign and Turkish Most Streamed Songs 2021

Domestic and foreign most listened songs In our list, we include the 10 most listened songs on the Apple Music platform. Are you curious about the most popular foreign and Turkish songs of 2021? Most listened foreign songs BTS – Dynamite Olivia Rodrigo – Drivers License Ariana Grande – Positions Pop Smoke – For The […]

What is a proxy and how is it used?

One of the most asked questions on the internet right now is What is a proxy, what’s the use How to use proxy subject. In this article, we give answers to all the frequently asked questions about Proxies. What is a proxy? Proxy (Proxy Server) is a proxy that allows you to communicate between a […]

Is Your Android Device Stuck? Here are the applications that can be a solution!

Your Android device hangs, freezes or stops responding Android acceleration apps you can use. Android tablets or phones can cause various crashing and freezing problems in some cases. When performing too many operations on Android devices or when the memory is full, its performance may decrease, causing problems such as freezing and stuttering. In this […]

How to Record Reels Video?

How to Record Reels Video? How to record reels video In our article, Instagram Save reels videosWe tell you about me and download process. Instagram Reelsis a content format that allows users to upload short 60-second videos. Instagram Reels application allows users to share various videos with the help of different sounds and effects. In […]

How to Calculate Cell Phone Tax?

mobile phone tax calculatorWhile doing this, 4 types of taxes are added as Ministry of Culture Share, TRT Bandrole, SCT and VAT. When buying a smartphone, you can learn about the tax types and tax rates that are included in the price and must be paid with sample calculations in our article. What are Cell […]

Current Prices of Apple Products

iPhone, iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, Airpods gibi Current prices of Apple productsWe present it in our article. As a result of the exchange rate increases, Apple has increased all its products and accessories. Apple TurkeyiPhone, iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, Airpods products and Apple accessories published on the official website of new pricesWe present below. Current […]

I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

I forgot my Tiktok password and email step by step for those who have the problem TikTok account recovery explain their work. TikTok forgot his passwordIf you are, your e-mail address is required to log into your account and receive a new password. If you have forgotten your TikTok login e-mail address and you do […]

10 Lowest SAR Smartphones

The 10 lowest SAR smartphonesYou can minimize the radiation generated when using a phone by choosing one of the Today, when buying a smartphone, the features we look at are usually limited in terms of battery power, along with its processor, camera and screen features. But we skip the most important part, the one that […]

Casper Nirvana Models and Prices

Casper Nirvana Models and Prices In this article, we give place to Casper Nirvana models and prices, which is Turkey’s first domestic brand. casper computeris a technology company that produces computers and computer products, founded in 1991 in Istanbul by computer engineers Altan Aras Fakılı, Yalçın Yıldırım and Ali İhsan Taşkın. Casper is Turkey’s first […]

Unlimited Internet Prices at Home 2021

In our article, companies such as Türk Telekom, Vodafone, Turkcell Superonline, Turknet unlimited internet prices at homewe offer. You will have internet connection to your home and which internet should i buy If you are asking, the companies with the most customers in the market internet package pricesyou can find below. Here by type of […]

What is a Refurbished Phone, Should You Buy It?

Refurbished phones have been attracting a lot of attention lately due to their affordable prices. In this article we Refurbished well refurbished phoneWe will provide information about Renovated well Refurbished phones They are very widely used telephones abroad. What is a refurbished phone? refurbished phoneThese are phones that have been purchased from the previous owner […]

5 Apps Like Instagram

Instagram’a alternative, Instagram-like app If you’re looking for it, you’ve come to the right place. If you are bored of the world’s most popular picture sharing application Instagram and are looking for a different alternative, it contains almost all the features of Instagram. Instagram-like appsyou can experience. Instagram-like apps Instagram alternative We have selected the […]

Top 10 Free Antivirus Programs – 2021

Top 10 reliable and free for your computer or phone that you can use without paying free Antivirus We put together the program. antivirus programProtecting your PC or mobile device against possible virus infections security softwareis. Paid or free many antivirus program available. What is the difference between Paid Antivirus and free Antivirus? In fact, […]

Samsung Phones to Get Android 12

Latest version of Android in this article Samsung phones to get Android 12 we will list. With a new Android version every year, Google aims to offer users a much more stable operating system. In the new version, Android 12, we will encounter many innovations and improvements that will improve the user experience, from design […]

How to Install Driver?

How to install Driver In our article, we will explain how to find and install the necessary drivers for the hardware to work correctly. Driver with Turkish meaning Driveris the software required for the hardware (keyboard, mouse, disk, etc.) connected to the computer to function properly. Drivers act as software that shows the operating system […]

Huawei Phones to Get Android 12

Latest version of Android in this article Huawei phones that will get Android 12 we will list. With a new Android version every year, Google aims to offer users a much more stable operating system. In the new version, Android 12, we will encounter many innovations and improvements that will improve the user experience, from […]

Best Instagram Names (Cool Instagram Names)

Text content: The best Instagram names for women Turkish Instagram Female names English Instagram Female names The best Instagram names for boys Turkish Instagram Boy Names English Instagram Boy names Instagram group names Turkish Group names English Group names Best English Instagram names for business account Instagram English Food account names Instagram English Mode account […]

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