Sharing Instagram Posts

You can find how to share Instagram posts in our article and you can apply these methods.   If you’re an Instagram user, chances are high that it’s not the only social network you post to Instagram. The app has made it super easy to post your post to several other social networks, including Facebook. […]

Top 10 Web-Based FPS Games

This is on our list play via internet browseryou can eat 10 most successful web-based FPS gameswe offer First Person Shooter (FPS) games have gained immense popularity in the gaming industry in recent years. With the increase in their popularity, the prices of these games have also increased considerably. In these games, in-game purchases started […]

Top 10 Cinematic Games!

When it comes to cinema games, a lot of co-productions come to mind. We have brought together the best 10 cinematic games with an impressive story among these games. It offers a cinematic experience while playing with its excellent stories, well-developed characters and superheroes. best cinematic games! Top 10 Cinematic Games! Call of Duty: WWII […]

Best Beautiful Sunflower Pictures HD, Images, Photo, Status

New Best Beautiful Sunflower Pictures HD, Images, Photo, Whatsapp Status, DP, wallpaper, Beautiful Sunflower images WhatsApp DP images lover wallpaper 4k, Beautiful Sunflower Pictures Images, Beautiful Sunflower Photos WhatsApp DP download Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are also one of the most popular flowers, with people all over […]

How to Block Spotify Followers in 4 Steps! – 2022 – The Definitive Method!

Spotify follower blocking The incident was previously handled only by contacting customer support. While you can’t directly delete a follower on Spotify, you can block people who follow you. Blocking someone removes them from your list of followers and the blocked person can no longer follow you. Spotify follower blocking Open the Spotify app and […]

How to Close Binance Account❓

How to close Binance account by following the steps in our article Close your Binance account permanentlyyou can. Close your Binance accountdirectly so that you can Binance account deletion link does not exist. Binance account closure You can easily perform your transactions on the Binance website or the Binance application with just a few clicks. […]

14 Best Apple Watch Games

With 14 of the best Apple Watch games, you can solve puzzles, play arcade games, and have fun with your watch. 14 Best Apple Watch games From interactive fiction to brain teasers and arcade classics, games you can enjoy on your Apple Watch. Pocket Bandit In Pocket Bandit, you take on the role of a […]

360 S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Installation

In this article, we inform you about the 360 ​​S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Installation, which stands out with its large dust container, water tank and silence. 360 robot vacuum cleaner models are now on sale in our country with 360 Turkey guarantee. This robot, which works much quieter than its competitors, also attracts the attention […]

How do I hide my number in Telegram?

hide Telegram phone numbermek prevents strangers from accessing your registered phone number, thus allowing you to avoid online fraud and harassment. Alright how to hide my number in telegram? Telegram is an instant messaging app that requires a phone number to sign up. Although Telegram is an end-to-end encrypted platform, it offers many additional features […]

How To Turn On Opera Ad Blocker?

Opera ad blockersi is built right into the browser, does not require any download and installation. Opera ad blockingdo activatefrom browser settings for k ad blockingJust open it. Built into Opera ad blockercatches ads before the site opens, so websites open even faster without ads. In addition to the built-in ad blocker in Opera, there […]

How to Delete Signal Account?

How to delete Signal account step by step in our article Signal permanent account closure We describe the operations. Signal is one of the fastest and most secure messaging apps on the market. All your messages and calls with other users are secured with end-to-end encryption. However, if you find the Signal app and its […]

How To Fix Windows 11 Wi-Fi Problem

Having Windows 11 Wi-Fi problem? Use these four solutions to fix the problem to get online as quickly as possible. You may encounter Wi-Fi issues after upgrading to 22H2 in Windows 11. For example, slow wireless speeds, incomplete configuration, inability to connect to the Internet, or the wireless adapter stops working completely. These problems are […]

How to Determine English Level? (English Level Test)

English level free English level testsWhat can be learned by entering. Determination of English levelWhat a person must do before starting education testis one of them. English language trainingIt has 6 levels. These levels CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) (Common European Languages ​​Framework Program). A1– Beginner A2- Basic B1- Pre-Intermediate B2- Intermediate C1- Upper-Indermediate […]

How to Stop WhatsApp Backup?

Android ve iPhone’da How to stop WhatsApp backup, How to turn off WhatsApp from making backups We explain step by step in our article. WhatsApp continues to automatically back up to Google Drive on Android phones and iCloud on iPhones every day at 02:00 unless you turn it off. Besides your messages, WhatsApp makes a […]

TP-Link TL-WPA7517 Powerline Setup

In this article TP-Link TL-WPA7517 We will explain the powerline setup process and how you can configure the wireless network settings. TP-Link TL-WPA7517, Homeplug AV2 complies with the standard. Thanks to this technology it has 300 metreon a line length of up to 1000 MbpsProvides stable, high-speed data transfer rates up to dual band 802.11ac […]

RDR2 Turkish Patch Installation Guide in 3 Steps!

RDR2 Turkish patch installation process Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s not that hard for the players. Here is step by step RDR2 Turkishization package installation guide! In our article we will present RDR2 Turkish patch file only works on PC version, it is not suitable for consoles. Turkish patchThere is a possibility that your game […]

10 Practical Excel Formulas to Have on Hand

Last Updated: July 26, 2022 10 commonly used and must-have Excel formula With Excel, you can make your operations more practical. 10 practical Excel formulas Addition formula Averaging formula Formula to show largest number in column Formula to count cells Condition formula Formula to convert cells to lowercase or uppercase Formula for rounding a number […]

Hp Deskjet 4120 Printer Setup

In this article, we explain the installation and technical features of the HP Deskjet 4120 printer that appeals to home users. With its Deskjet models, HP develops models to meet the needs of home users at affordable prices. Compared to other Deskjet models, Deskjet 4120 model, which is more equipped, has Wi-Fi feature. In this […]

AC Origins Turkish Patch Installation in 3 Steps!

Assassin’s Creed briefly AC Origins Turkish patch Before downloading and installing the file Assassin’s Creed Save filesTake a backup of your Assassin’s Creed: Origins is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed Origins Turkish patch You can continue to play the game in 100% Turkish by downloading and […]

How to Turn Off Instagram Suggested Posts in 2 Steps?

Instagram suggested posts When you open Instagram, it shows the newest shares of the accounts you follow on the home page and the suggested shares from other accounts like these accounts. Through suggested posts, Instagram helps you discover something new. Instagram suggested postsI; It is determined by your account activities, connections, account interactions. Suggested posts […]

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